My draw to voice over was sparked many years ago by opportunities to read out loud in school and then for a dear, blind friend who found my voice very soothing.

As a corporate product marketing manager I had the opportunity to do many on-camera product videos as well as countless webinars and seminars, many played to an encouraging and enthusiastic global audience. A StruxtureWare product Voice Over for my employer Schneider Electric, even won a 2013 Platinum Marcom Award!

A member of Toastmasters since 2002, and long a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), this has helped me develop a keen ear to listen to the voice of others in their speech and presentation delivery and to apply valuable critique and self-direction for improved performance.

I have a passion for my chosen profession and a committed desire to serve my clients with excellence so we can build long-term relationships!





Yvonne is a true pro…who is very easy to work with. Her sales background allows her to collaborate on scripts and deliver lines with conviction. — Kent Wyatt, Producer/Videographer

She brings a powerful combination of business acumen and dynamic presentation abilities – a real asset that will make a difference in conveying your message. — David Aus, Marketing Communications Writer

Yvonne is easy to direct and has a great, relaxed style – her copy reads are clear and soothing. — Paul Szopa, Sr. Motion Designer

Working with Yvonne is always a pleasure. Professional and articulate, with a quiet confidence that makes her both approachable and yet action oriented – she’s a great connector of people, and I find her always looking out for the best interest of others. — Ron Minatrea, Voice Talent, Business Coach

Yvonne is a consummate professional and can always be counted on. She has a keen ear and takes direction well. I interface with 100’s of voiceover artist and I find Yvonne to be a standout among them with her unique voice, technical skills and business acumen. — Larry Hudson, Founder-VO Heaven Workouts

The pureness and strong sincerity of Yvonne’s great Voice brings the flavor a spot’s words deserve. — Mark Neely Voice Talent/Actor, SAG/AFTRA (2/2/14)

It’s not easy to find someone who is gifted with both talent and business sense, but that definitely describes Yvonne. She’ll deliver your project in a stellar manner–and on time. A true professional! — Julie Williams, Voice-Over Storyteller, Audiobook Storyteller

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