Do you like the sound of your own voice? Few of us do! How about the sounds of your business? Do you ever stop and review what your business message sounds like through the ears of your intended audience? Your busy/on-hold messages – the way your sales staff pitch your products and services? How about your web audio or interactive messages? Your radio or TV spots? Are you fully engaging your customers and community with a voice that means and matches what you have to say?  Are you changing your audio/spoken messages to keep them fresh and your customers engaged?  Download my Free Voice Assessment Tool to take stock of your message inventory today!

I help businesses benefit from using audio to enhance the way they communicate with their clients, community, vendors, and more. I have a home studio for local production and editing. With close to 40 years in sales and marketing I can help you make sure your message is heard and not just seen.

Please have a listen to one or more of my demos to see if my voice matches your needs.  Let me know how we can best work together to achieve your message goals.
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